Friday, December 12

Christmas Preparations 1 Wreath!

Today I made the wreath for our gate. Looking at it I can see I need to add some more greenery at 5 o'clock.
Christmas card photographs have been chosen and I have had notification that they have been despatched.
We will be getting the tree down from the loft during the coming week.........meanwhile I have a stag's head idea!

Watch this space!

Monday, December 8

V is for Vegetable - but not as you know it.

I LOVE turnip - as a child I hated it, probably because Auntie Dot always made gravy with kidneys - which I despise to this day. I always would say I didn't want any kidney, or to leave it out of any steak & kidney concoctions - Auntie Dot would tell me to "Just eat the gravy!" Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage were another examples.
Getting back to the turnip. Whilst I love vegetables sometimes if I fancy a few together it can be a bit of a faff on - so when I heard about a "Singing Turnip" recipe at Slimming world I had to give it a go.
Place turnip in microwave - full power for 15 - 20 minutes, turning once. You will hear the turnip singing!

Scoop out the pulp - absolutely gorgeous.
I had made some ham hock, split pea, lentil, barley and vegetable soup, so I spooned some into the cooked turnip and ate as I would a baked potato - skin and all.


Tuesday, December 2

Update - Bedroom 2

The radiator has now been sandblasted and spray painted.
Jon just needs to connect the pipes etc.

I have repaired the chair - but have plans for the rug.
Wardrobe assembled - yet to be organised.

The curtains have been altered.

I have plans for this card - I want to have it framed.

There is an air-vent in the room - behind a picture my SIL bought me a couple of years ago.

Pleased with the new carpet.

My favourite piece is the washstand.

Love the new wardrobe.

Jon put the wardrobe together over a period of 3 nights - an hour a night I would say, so the DIY/Flatpack skills are once again on the go - so it's a shame not to use these skills so today we are going to Ikea to buy a this space!

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