Tuesday, January 20

B is for Bang! Big bang.

One thing I use my blog for is a point of reference. A few weeks ago we were sitting in the snug when there was an almighty BANG from the kitchen, blowing the tripper switch in the fusebox. When we went into the kitchen there was a horrible smell coming from the laundry cupboard - from the washing machine. Jon asked me how old it was - by looking on my blog  Here I was able to tell him it was just under 3 years old. The problem was inside the motor - the commutator to be precise (Jon's analysis not mine!) Jon fixed it but it was a temporary measure. Whilst we paid £169 for the washer a new motor would be £120 but the motor was a cheap inferior one. Trouble with a motor malfunction is that it can cause a fire. We decided to look in the sales and go for a Hotpoint. We were pleased with £229 - a mere difference of around £60 but with 10 years parts warranty we felt this was a good buy. Jon is familiar with Hotpoint but let's hope it wont come to that.

It is very quiet!

ABC Wednesday - B for Bang!
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Saturday, January 17

You must try one of these!

Just before Christmas I sent for a set of these microwave bags from one of the leaflets that came through the door. I gave one to a friend. The idea is to cook jacket potatoes. I didn't have great expectations but how wrong was I? Depending on the size and quantity of the potato(es) and a bit of experimenting perfect jacket potatoes are the result every time. At Christmas I experimented with some parsnips - cooking them in the bag for 5 minutes then putting them on a greased oventray(frylight) spraying with frylight and cooking for 20 minutes - they were awesome. Even Jon said they were the best he has ever tasted. Last night I washed and peeled a large potato - cut into chunky chip sizes - popped in bag in  microwave for 5 minutes - then put them on a greased oventray(frylight) spraying with frylight and cooking for 20 minutes- result - best chips I have ever tasted.
Crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle - just like my mum use to make.
The bag can be washed and is ready to go!
Good news - I have found an online bargain! HERE!

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