Monday, September 15

J is for Joy and Junk

A couple of weeks ago I came across this simple bird ornament for £4.99. I have put it on the snug windowsill overlooking one of the bird feeding areas. Today the weather has changed and the thick fog following the rain is really awful, but sitting inside, keeping warm, watching the birds is a real joy.

The current buzz  words seem to be shabby chic - we call it junk.
 I have some of my shabby junk around the garden - waiting for some inspiring transformations. These will be part of my winter to do projects.

Tractor bits

Here is one I have actually utilized...
An old London barrow (notice hen in background and foggy sky!)

The birds never took to this birdhouse so I found a purpose - will move it later in the season.

In my greenhouse lurks a Jasmin awaiting a new home - label fell off so not sure which it is - fun when they flower then!

Lots have been happening in the garden, but on a day like this there is only one place to be.
I am wondering if it is time to think of autumn clothes....going from shorts and trainers to leggings and boots????
Watch this space!
My J contribution for the ABC of the Nesbitt garden project!


Tuesday, September 9

Invasion of Ivy!

On entering our house Ivy greets you!

She continues along the top of the wall....

Down the wall......

In the wall......

In fact all over the wall!

Whilst this ivy looks quite old and don't have to look far to find new growth.

At the bottom of the garden, where I took you last week Ivy grows in abundance.

When I re-positioning two of the chimney pots guess what I chose to put in it?

As ever, whilst I was taking the photos, the hens were IN the hedge having a midday snooze...

Bev on the other hand was heading for the henhouse to lay an egg!

 There was once when Eva made her way INSIDE our house! I was very quick to IMPLY it was not appropriate for her to sit on the settee!
Another very busy week in the garden. I am finding this ABC task beneficial to my garden give you a taste of what's to come.........
J is for Joy
M is for Moss
N is for Nasturtiums
P is for Pink and Pond
S is for
U is for Under the Windows
V is for violas
W is for Wall

Watch this space!

Monday, September 8

Fund Raising

Please join us for an Afternoon Tea Party, to help raise funds for Cancer Research on Saturday 6th September at Liverton Village Hall between 2pm & 5pm.


Cherrytree Accessories will display a beautiful range of affordable ladies clothing, scarves & jewellery - all of which will be available to purchase and take home with you on the day.

All commission donated to Cancer Research.

To view a selection of stock, please search google for or

 Credit & debit cards accepted

 Refreshments & Raffle.

Please Bring A Friend xx

On Saturday I organised a bit of an event for Cancer Research. It was a great afternoon. For some time I have been a fan of Cherrytree Accessories so after speaking with Catherine we decided to have a clothes party. £200 was raised and we plan to have another afternoon in the Spring - it will be a good excuse to have a cup of tea and look at some fabulous clothes. One item which was very popular was the fleece lined leggings. I have a couple of pair and find them so warm and comfortable in the cold days to come - and there is definitely a nip in the air!

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