Tuesday, September 30

L is for Labour...the hard sort!

It is bulb planting time.....I planted 200+ on Saturday in various areas of the garden - front and back. As the nice weather continued on Sunday I decided to plant some in the front area, next to the road.
If you look carefully at the photo above you can see the area I have actually weeded. 2 hours work and would you believe 50 bulbs are now planted between the telegraph pole and that particular spot.

By working on the verge I cleared extra space on the pavement.

Now I have the rest to do!
Watch this space!

Spring will be an exciting time!

This is my L contribution for ABC Wednesday....a documentation of hard work and slog in the Nesbitt household! :D

Friday, September 26


Thirteen stairs make up our staircase - I know this for a fact due to the countless times I have staggered down stairs with a box destined for the charity shop.

Facebook is an excellent instant solution to finding homes for :-

Filing Cabinet
8 shelves
Cat bed

Yes I am on a mission and I am enjoying it all - very cathartic. The room is becoming emptier by the day, the charity shop is happy, my friends daughter is happy due to the boxes of crafty bits I pass over on a regular basis and I am happy.

One slight change to plan - we are just concentrating on the one room now. Jon uses the 3rd bedroom as his office so the disruption that would be caused if we tried to clear two rooms in one go needs to be avoided. What will happen is once the room is cleared, stripped and plastered it will be left a week to dry. Jon will re-locate into it, allowing me to strip the 3rd bedroom and get the plasterer in. Once finished and dried out then we will decorate both rooms.

The third bedroom has the access door to the loft......ahem!

The loft needs emptying too!

Watch this space - must get on!

Tuesday, September 23


Kaleidoscope (noun) - a complex pattern of constantly changing colours and shapes.

This week has seen the delivery of my spring bulbs. There are quite a few and I have plans for them all. However I have received notification to say the bulb collection above will arrive later this week.

Jon has enjoyed our time in the garden over the past few months so this collection is his project. He isn't going to tell me where he is going to plant them - he will avoid the area I have plans for - this is his project. Fun in the Nesbitt household don't you think?

This is my K contribution for ABC in the Nesbitt garden. I think Autumn is definitely here - the amount of leaves in the garden would suggest so. The jobs I have planned this week are minimal yet essential. I have both plants and bulbs to plant, continuous sweeping then it's back to de-cluttering and clearing the 2 bedrooms. Plasterer is booked for October 27th so time is pressing. Lots to do!

Watch this space.

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