Friday, August 21

3 cakes.

One of my friends was organising a family re-union and asked me to bake some cakes.

Coffee Walnut

Double Chocolate

Strawberry with mascapone. Home made raspberry jam and cream to sandwich together.

Thursday, August 20

F is for faffing about and fund raising.

Last Friday we had a scarecrow making night at the village hall. The night was intended to give people an idea for making their own scarecrow for our village scarecrow festival.
Each group made a different part of the scarecrow then me joined them all together.

We made the scarecrow in about 20 minutes - people went away feeling it was something they could manage - which is what we wanted.

Tonight 4 members of the committee are meeting up for a brainstorm session - watch this space!

ABC Wednesday (late) F

Wednesday, August 12


As part of our village fund raising plan we are having a Scarecrow Festival. It was an idea I came up with and before I knew it Friday night approaches - demonstration night - family affair, we take a contribution for the supper table and our own drinks. The theme of the festival is "Tales of Beatrix Potter." We are doing "Mr McGregors Garden. Local businesses can make and display a scarecrow for £5. The local butcher has asked me to make him one so this is what we'll do on Friday - watch this space!

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