Tuesday, March 24

K is for Kladdkaka.

Over the past week I have once again been baking for England. Well actually a baking stall for our village market on Saturday.

When we did our coffee morning the big coffee walnut cake was very popular and went within minutes of being put on the table. Bearing this in mind we are making large cakes and selling by the slice. I have made all the cakes up and they are currently in the freezer, awaiting an icing session on Friday.
So far I have:-
2 coffee&walnut cakes
1 traditional victoria sandwich
1 chocolate  cake
1 lemon drizzle loaf cake
1 chocolate orange loaf cake
1 chocaholic loaf cake

What are favourite cakes out there?

I am definitely enjoying baking, made even more satisfying by the fact my friends Dorothy and Keith had to clear the house of very close relative who died just after Christmas. Peggy was an avid baker and was a member of the WI. I have some of her tins and dishes and an electric whisk. I would like to think that she knows her love of baking is rubbing off on me. 

I have been experimenting and may even do a Nigella version of the Kladdkaka cake.
Watch this space.

Must get back to the kitchen.
My K contribution for ABC Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 17


Entering our village on Saturday - to be greeted by my poster. It is amazing what you can do with an old cupcake calendar.

and one outside the village hall.


Egg mayonnaise or ham sandwiches served with salad garnish and potato crisps. Taking advice I used Warburton's bread and lurpack butter.

A happy customer!

The kiddies corner was a success - competitions and colouring games.

Lots of baking.

Lots of fun.

Decorate an egg competition.

Pin the tail on Peter Rabbit.

We made £258 and will be holding our next event on Saturday 28th March - Easter Market. The ladies in the village are having a baking stall......busy busy busy!

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Tuesday, March 10

Injury and Instigation.

Last Thursday  I returned home around 3pm to find black feathers scattered over the back lawn. Following the death of Eva my heart sank as I feared the worse. I spotted Bev hunched up next to her companion from labour days, Mabel. On inspection I saw that she too had been attacked. Brought her into the porch and settled her in a large garden trug. Phoned the vets and got her in at 5.20. The extent of the wound was quite deep - but discussing the options - one being to put her to sleep - we decided she needed a chance. The vet stapled the wound and Bev bless her didn't complain at all. In fact she was quite chatty and toddled round the table.
We knew the next 24 hours was critical. She slept the night in the trug, in the porch and on Friday after a few phone calls I was given this dog cage from the lady who we got Sadie from - she happens to be a dog breeder. She found this cage and has given it to us. It is ideal for Bev - she can walk about and lie in the sun.
Every day we apply cream to her wound and will be taking her back to the vets on Thursday. Fingers crossed!
Meanwhile my other 2 hens are only being allowed out for a couple of hours in the afternoon - when we are about. Today however, the sun is out so an ideal opportunity for me to let them out whilst I potter in the garden.

I mentioned the Village activities not so long ago. Last year a monthly coffee morning took place - the ladies who ran it have stopped doing it now. A neighbour friend and myself have decided to re-launch this monthly activity so are busy marketing and advertising as the very first one is this Saturday, 14th March. I have set up a Liverton Village page on facebook and we are generating a lot of interest. Must dash as I have more baking to do! lol!

Watch this space!

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