Wednesday, October 7

M is for Mo!

Last year when we said goodbye to our beloved Ella who had such a good long life with us, we said we wouldn't go looking for a replacement.
Just before we went away we had a regular visitor - this little tortoise shell cat. I have named it Mo as iMo is a name suitable for both male or female. Mo sleeps in the chimneara and is always so hungry. Am taking Mo to the vet to get her checked over and determine what sex she is.

ABC Wednesday M is for Mo.

Tuesday, September 15

J is for Jemimah Puddleduck - and friends

Can you find - Mr McGregor? Goldilocks and the 3 bears? Mrs Tittlemouse? The Gamekeeper? The Stig? Mr Clark the Handyman? Mrs Tiggywinkle?

ABC Wednesday - J

Tuesday, September 8

I is for Incident.

The Scarecrow festival continues to attract visitors to our village. There are 26 various displays including the scarecrows themselves. We devised a voting form for visitors and residents to tour round the village and award points. Winners will be announced on Saturday.

On Sunday we had an incident involving our very own Mr McGregor.....

The horses in the field next to our house found the straw stuffing too good to be true! So they ate it!
Mr McGregor is currently undergoing surgery - he will be back for the weekend!

ABC Wednesday I is for Incident! lol!
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